About Us


 Liv Rio at home

Founder and CEO of Liv Rio, Livia Margulies grew up on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, where movement is a way of life.


She walked to the beach, hiked the coast and played in the ocean almost every day. She walked to school, roller-skated for fun and started exercising at the gym when she was 12. People in Rio wear moisture-wicking clothes built for an active, tropical lifestyle. High-quality spandex is a must, yoga pants are the standard and clothes built to last are the norm. This Brazilian lifestyle was the inspiration behind Liv Rio, but the company really started because of persistent frustration over the leggings available from the industry’s most common and popular brands. Too often the $100+ leggings that Livia was purchasing were losing their color, their fit, or starting to pill, not to mention the fact that you needed a PHD to figure out how to safely wash the pants.

“Without fail, the leggings that garnered the most attention were the Brazilian pants that my grandmother would send me from back home. Besides the fun patterns, textures and designs I loved the fact that they didn’t pill or fade the way my other pants did. As a mom, I just don’t have time to wash and hang dry my active wear.”


Alivia working on pants

Livia reached out to her cousin, a talented and experienced designer from Brazil, and became determined to simplify life, not only for herself but other women fed up with dropping hundreds of dollars on mediocre leggings. They talked fabrics, style and manufacturing and created a line of versatile, quality-driven lifestyle apparel that blended chic style with athletic performance.


With the help of her husband, a marketing executive, and the support of her three young children (Lyla/Luca 5-year-old twins and Madeleine 3) Liv Rio was officially launched in October of 2015. Even though the odds were stacked against her success Livia was determined to create a line that made regular women feel comfortable and sexy no matter where the day took them.

“The fitness industry is dominated by a few massive brands that have been around for years and have a very strong loyal following. One of the biggest challenges was getting customers to not only notice me, but to lay down $60-$100 for a brand that they’d never heard of.”

However, quality is not an option when it is the pillar that your brand is built on. Even though it is more expensive to produce, Liv Rio sources only the best textiles from the premiere manufacturers in Brazil. The pants are sown by hand, not on an assembly line, and are reinforced four times in the seams to ensure they maintain their fit.

Athleisure pants models

Today, Liv Rio is a thriving brand available online at livrioshop.com as well as more than 20 stores and boutiques in California and Arizona. Liv Rio is also one of 15 companies from around the world (out of 500 plus applicants) selected to take part in the Phoenix Fashion Week Emerging Designers Competition. Known for their top of the line quality, unique textures, and one-size-fits-most stretch-ability Liv Rio has created a brand that is here to stay.