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Posted on January 08 2017

Mom of three kids…entrepreneur. I know these don’t always go hand in hand so keep reading to learn a little bit more about why I am starting this new adventure.

A little bit about me:

I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, my parents got divorced when I was 14, and my mom had 4 kids to raise.  She worked all day long to make sure that she could provide the best life.

My grandparents were the ones watching us while my mom went to work. We are so luck to have them as such a big part of our lives and they are my inspiration. My grandpa is a lawyer and has his own practice in Rio de Janeiro, while my grandma is a stay home mom/grandma.  To this days she helps to take care of everybody in the family, and no matter what is going on in her life, she will always  be the first to help.

My grandparents were the ones helping me kick off my Liv Rio dream.  Since moving to USA, I have always wanted to start my own workout brand. After becoming a mom to 3 kids, its almost impossible to spend time during the day getting ready.  I wake up, put on my nice leggings and a cute top and I am ready for the day. My day is so busy with the kids and family responsibilities, wake up, make breakfast, take kids somewhere, give lunch, school, clean the house, make dinner, pick up kids from school, I only stop at night, and when I stop, its because I always have more laundry to do, so their is nothing better than being comfy during the day, and having clothes that you make you feel cute and look good.

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