Running a business as a full-time mom

Posted on January 08 2017

Running a business as a full-time mom

Working at home while taking care of 3 kids is crazy, as I have mentioned  I have 4 years old twins and a 21 month old girl.

Here is a typical day for me running the family and the business…I have to wake up early and do my calls with Brazil, decide styles, new colors, whats the newest fashion, and decide the prints we want for our next collection.

Then I need to plan my day, and make sure that I keep the kids busy so I can work at the same time.

Usually I take them to the gym in the morning so they can play for 2hrs in the playcare. At this time I work on social media, shipping, new deals or trunk shows. After the gym I need to run and make sure to get twins ready for school, that is my craziest time of the day, who knew taking kids to school can be so chaotic, I always feel that I don’t have clean uniform and food ready, at the same time I need make sure I give lunch to the baby and most of the times its the last hour I have to call Brazil as the time difference during the winter is 6hrs ahead.  Not to mention I feel that I’m always dealing with customs, they make everything so much harder for sure (there are enough horror stories with customs to fill an entire future blog)..

As soon as I drop the kids at the school, I give baby a nap, so I can finally breath and work for 2 hrs in peace, most of the time, at this time,  my husband and I work together  on marketing ideas, website, Ads and trying to make future plans for the company. That is my favorite time, I love working with my hubby and learning so much from him.

I need to get my kids at school at 3pm, so I don’t get a big break, and after school things get so busy again that I don’t have time to work till my husband gets home.

Life is so crazy, but I would not trade it for the world.

Currently writing this blog from the local jumpy house…hey a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do!

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